When I was looking for a new meditation app (my free subscription to the previous one having expired), I thought how great it would be if I could find one that was dedicated to pagan themes. To my surprise, when I went to look for one, I couldn’t find what I was after.

It’s an oft-repeated piece of advice in the writing world that if you can’t find the book you want, then you should write it. With my background as a writer, holistic therapist, and also given that many people have told me I have a calming voice, I thought I could be the one to fill the void.

So here it is – the result of many hours of hard work (though it doesn’t feel like that – I’ve enjoyed almost every minute of it). Welcome, one and all, to the Pagan Meditations site!

There will be six free meditations for anyone to use on first arrival. If you would like to subscribe, you will then get access to many more hours of pagan-related content.